Find sea animals in their natural homes

From little penguins to whale sharks, many incredible sea animals are only found in Australia – and there’s no better way to see them than in the wild, where they belong.

There are some places around the country where these animals gather in groups, or return to year on year, and if you keep a safe distance you can be lucky enough to observe them feeding, playing or nesting.

To help you be an animal-friendly traveller, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the best places to see iconic Australian sea animals in the wild.

The best place to see wild Australian sea animals is in the wild, where they belong.

No matter how well they are looked after in captivity, a wild animals’ needs can only be fully met in their natural environment.

You can protect animals on your holidays by being informed and alert to the welfare of animals you encounter.

6 places to see Australian sea animals

Download our 6 places to spot Australian sea animals in the wild to support tourism that does not exploit wild animals.

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Protecting wildlife around the world

With the help of our supporters, World Animal Protection works to promote responsible wildlife tourism around the world.

When you see a captive wild animal on holiday, you often can’t see the cruelty. It’s hidden from view. Wild animals’ needs can never be truly met in captivity. That’s why we encourage travellers to observe animals in their natural environments, wherever possible.

We work with the tourism industry to transition away from cruel attractions towards animal-friendly activities like observing wild animals in the wild or in genuine sanctuaries. Many tour operators see a great opportunity in changing their wildlife tourism practices. For example, thanks to the ongoing support for our campaign, over 200 companies around the world have agreed to stop selling elephant rides and shows.

Header image credit: CW AZORES / Justin Hart